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Hourly Care Services | Your Quality Care

Delivering a tailored hourly care package how you want it, when you want it.

Hourly Care Services

carer-coffeeMany of our clients tell us how thankful they are that through our hourly care service they have been able to stay in their own home. Your Quality Care’s hourly home care service is totally flexible and designed to support people over the age of 18 with their care and personal assistance. We support people in all aspects of day to day living in their home, helping to maintain independence and quality of life.

We assist the elderly as well as people with a wide range of conditions from Dementia, MS and Parkinson’s to those suffering from a Stroke or Cancer. We also offer sensitive end of life care.

From 30 minutes to full time care

Hourly care can be structured at regular times each day to suit you and your activities or can be adapted to meet your changing requirements at short notice. We pride ourselves on high levels of continuity and an ethos that keeps the same care worker with the same client as much as we possibly can.

Our services start from 30 minute calls through to full time support (live in care).


We understand the diversity of care needs, which is why we always tailor a solution to meet your exact needs. Each care worker is carefully selected prior to placement to help ensure compatibility with not only practical needs, but also personal values and expectations.

If you, or someone else could benefit from support or companionship, please contact us for an informal chat to see how we can help.